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message <<MARKDOWN
Guess what?  _**You're done!!!**_ Congratulations, you just \"finished\" your first rails app!

(They're never _really_ ever finished... have fun tweaking it!)

You get another sticker! :)

# Extra Credit

If you got all the way through Suggestotron with some time to spare, here's some extra stuff you can try:

* Add a downvote button that does the opposite of what the upvote button does
* Create upvote and downvote methods in the Topic model and use those in the topics controller instead directly modifying the topics votes
* Sort topics by their number of votes
* Add an 'about' page, linked from the bottom of the Suggestotron topics list. Link back to the Topics list from the About page so users don't get stranded.
* If your class has a **lot** of time left over:
  * Users should be allowed to vote only once: give votes a user_id and allow a user to have voted on each topic only once. But wait, what is a 'user' in our system? Get a volunteer to introduce everyone to [Devise](https://github.com/plataformatec/devise), a simple way to add authentication to a Rails application.
  * Users should be able to give a post a 'negative' vote instead of a positive one. How might you represent that in this system?


h1 "Authors"

ul do
  li do
    a "The RailsBridge community", href: "https://github.com/railsbridge/docs/graphs/contributors"
  li do
    span "...and maybe you? Pull requests welcome "
    a "on GitHub", href: "https://github.com/railsbridge/docs"

h1 "What next?"

ul do
  li "Probably time for the closing presentation." 
  li "After that, start a project, tutorial, and come back again!"
  li do 
    span "All our favorite resources can be found on the RailsBridge site: " 
    a "http://railsbridge.org/learn/resources", href: "http://railsbridge.org/learn/resources"