Other Pages

Add Other Features Of Your Choosing

What other features do you want?


  • Profile pages for users (enter user’s name or details, have it display alongside posts).
  • Post/Comment history for individual users (on their profile page?).
  • Easy user profile pictures with Gravatar.
  • Add login options with Omniauth, including Twitter, Facebook, Github, Google, and more.
  • Fiddle with the layout of the show page so it doesn't look bad. If it looks bad. It probably looks great.
  • Perhaps fancier post markup with Markdown or something similar.
  • Deploy to Heroku and send your message board to all your friends!

...and that's that! Good luck! Make more things! Come back again!


This curriculum was originally written by Lillie Chilen and Travis Grathwell, and has been improved by all sorts of lovely RailsBridge volunteers.